Add a beautiful and expansive view to your home with a bow window. This series of four, five, or six identical windows gently curves out from a wall, creating a kind of panoramic effect on the view outdoors while offering a convenient and gracefully curved seat indoors. That’s right, along with the beautiful arch of bow windows, you get a space-saving, insulated piece of furniture for free! Your living room will really brighten up with an arching view that lets light in from multiple angles and showcases your collection of pottery or favorite plant.



Wouldn’t it be amazing to walk through your living room or den without having to trip over books, tablets, and everything you can think of that doesn’t belong on the living room floor? Bay windows can give you the extra floor space you need all while giving you an extra seat in the room!

The window seat of a bay window offers enough space to shelve a row of books, arrange pillows, or take in all the stray objects off the floor. It’s the ultimate utility space. Bay and bow windows are the perfect replacement window option for any Greenville, Spartanburg, Anderson, and surrounding area home. Call LeafGuard of South Carolina & Upstate Home Exteriors at (864) 558-7754 to upgrade your windows! 

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